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April 17, 2018

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Just back from Sun N Fun, time to do a quick post.  We had over 50 people in our seminars through out the week at Lackland Airport.  We covered panels, applied inspection rings, rib stitched,  applied rib and finish tapes, and painted.  All in all, a very busy week.  Just before leaving, I took this picture of my most recent work.  I’m just about finished covering all my control surfaces.  I have tapes to go on one aileron than a wash coat of Ekobond on everything before Ekofill and paint.  I’ll be adding many pictures to this post in the next day or two as I get caught up from the trip. 

More pictures of the covering of the control surfaces to follow. 

Next trip is to the Alaskan Airman’s Gathering in Anchorage in May.

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