EAA  Experimental  Aircraft Association

Wag Aero  Plans and materials for the 2+2 and other aircraft   All things related to PA-18 Super Cubs and other Piper long wing tube and fabric aircraft. 

Short Wing   The on-line resource for Short Wing Piper owners and enthusiasts  Christian Sturm's Experimental Super Cub Project  Includes PA 18 drawings from Piper  All things J-3 related

Aircraft Spruce  Wood and every thing else needed by the Aircraft Home Builder

Wicks Aircraft  Great Spruce and lots of other aircraft supplies for aircraft building  Tube Coping Calculator

WagAero builders group  Yahoo builders group supporting all Wag Aero aircraft 

Piper Cub builders group  Yahoo builders group for Piper Cub, Super Cub and other Cub variants.

McMaster-Carr  Hardware, parts, you name it they have it.  Not "Aviation" as such but lots of good stuff for homebuilders  Super Cub parts and other related goodies

Airframes Alaska  More Super Cub and other tail dragger parts and accessories.  Certified aircraft parts

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