Psalm 36:7 

The selection of the FAA registration number for my aircraft, N367PS, comes from Psalm 36:7

"How priceless is Your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge under the shadow of Your wings!" 

This verse was pressed upon me many times early on in the build. References can be found about being under God's wing in many Bible verses, songs and studies.  It was the song "Your Love Oh Lord" by Third Day that had the most the influence in my choice. Having heard this song many, many times, it spoke to me the this message:  N367PS was to be my registration number.  There is a very nice YouTube video of the songs with the lyrics if you are not familiar with the words.  Here's a link to the video,  "Your Love Oh Lord".

I have come across a couple other articles and studies about being under God's wing.  Here are a couple links:

The first, by J.R. Miller (1912) looks at references throughout the Bible.  He talks not only about God's protection but also how birds often protect their young with their own wings; often being bloodied in the process.  

The second, by Grace Wiebe (2007) explores learning to experience His protection in deepening ways "

Take some time and listen to the song and read these two articles and you will have a pretty good understanding about my following God's promptings in selecting N367PS as the banner for my plane.

© Marty Feehan 2015