April 20, 2006 

I put in an additional 12 hours or so since the last entry.  Today I cut and fitted the tail post in place.  This was a lot of work but not a frustrating job.  I had to walk through the process step by step to make sure I got it correct.  I will be able to weld the tail post in place with what I have done up to today, but the jack screw tower will need to wait until I have the tail feathers built.  I could probably weld first, but again, I want it correct.  The pictures below are step by step from the last inside diagonal tube through checking the fit and alignment of the tail post.  I have included a bunch of pictures to make this process clear.  I know there are lots of ways to do this, this is just the way that made sense to me.


This is the last cross brace before the tail post is ready to be tack welded.  Note I had to remove the bulkhead from this location to fit the tube.  I put the bulkhead back in place after tack welding before I changed the bulkhead at the tail post location.


I have installed a secondary support to keep the upper and lower longerons in place before I remove the rear most bulkhead.

Here the last bulkhead is removed and the upper and lower longerons are ready to be notched for the tail post.


The notching is finished and the tail post is set in place and measurements are taken to check for position and alignment.


I set the jack screw tower in place to check for location relative to tail post.

Another view test fitting the jack screw tower.  I am adding the jack screw in place of a trim tab for stabilizer trimtheir for the jack screw and yolk need to be inplace in the tower for proper alignment.  A small bushing needs to be welded to the cross tube (blue tape) for the end of the jack screw turn in.


Another view of the plum bob.  Note the rear stabilizer support is being held in place to check measurements. I have a few more adjustments to make then I can tack weld the tail post in place and add the final side tubes supporting the post.


Here I am using a plum bob from the centerline to check the alignment of the tail post.  This is why I took so much time a year ago to get my table level.

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