February 1, 2014 

I finished the cable pulleys for the ailerons.  The pulleys are now mounted, painted and "airworthy".  Both wings have been brought  brought up to the same point.  I also finished the fuel tank straps for the second wing and test fitted my fuel tank "mock-up".  I tested the cable routing with the 1/8" cord I used on the other wing and am ready to install the fairleads in the wing.  

Here are the pulleys mounted.  The cables run without any interference and exit clean off each pulley.

Here's another view about of the cable runs and pulleys.

Second wing with tank straps finished and ready for paint.  Aileron balance cable shown in front of tank with cord.  Fairleads will be placed in the tank bay area to keep the cables away from any structure.  

This is a close up of the aileron balance cable.  I'll put a fairlead on each rib and a couple inside the tank bay if needed.  

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