February 23, 2007 

I know, six months since the last update is way to long but I have a good excuse, I moved into a new house after 18 years in one location!  Needless to say, this put the breaks on my project.  Lets see what I have been up to.  

 I checked my Log and the last build entry was August 27!  Right after that, my wife got her job back at a school she had taught at for ten years and we spent the next week or two moving her in.  Next, we decided her drive of 75 minutes each way was too much so, we took our first look at houses in the middle of September and moved mid October.  Moving and building a new shop took a bit longer than I expected but I am very pleased with the outcome of my new shop.  All in all, it will be much nicer to work in than old shop.  You can see I built a mini office for all my stuff, kind of a retreat of sorts.  So now tomorrow, I will see if I remember how to build an airplane.  Stay tuned………………………….


My new shop in our Lancaster home.  A bit smaller but it will do.


Another view with power tools and one work bench.  Not all my benches would fit so two of them are outside for now.


This is where I’ll start back up here after the move.  Setting up a new shop and all that goes with moving slowed me down by about 6 months.

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