February 23, 2008 

The bottom stringers are on!  I guess you could say that I am “finished” with the major construction of the fuselage.  No, it is not complete by any means.  Next step (other than finish welding here) is to start fabricating  the control systems.  That is the rudder bar, sticks, pulleys, and tail group.  I also have many unknown tabs to attach as I decide what kind of interior finish to go with.  So I have a lot of “detail” work to do at this stage of the fuselage.  I will be able to flip the fuselage back over after the final welding of the lower channel is complete.

Bottom Stringers in place.


Lower stringers looking aft


Front attach fittings for stringers

Stringer side attach fittings tack welded in place



Looking aft from side of fuselage

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