January 1, 2010 

It’s starting to look like a wing!  After a lot of time spent on the spars, I finally started putting things together.  I had a bit of a set back when I realized I had cut my rear spars short.  So I scarfed 6″ onto the ends of each spar.  Not a big deal; I had done scarf joints building boats long ago.  

Hear is the spar (top piece) and the piece I am adding.  It took about an hour to prep each piece using a hand plane; old school!

Checking the fit; it needed just a little more work to get it right.

I glued the joint with T88 epoxy and left the space heater on over night to cure.

One spar trimmed and the other one ready to cut.  I did some testing on the cut off piece and every break I made in the wood fractured some place other than the scarf joint.  Very pleased with the outcome.

As I said ….. old school and loving every minute of it.

Finished spars ready to go.  Next, make a couple of stands for the table and start fitting ribs.

And so it begins!

New Years Day 2010!  This is a piece of spruce about 1/4″ thick that I am using to mock up the wing tip bow.  I wanted to do this before continuing to make sure the lengths of my spars were close.  Turns out they look about right.  Now for more ribs …..

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