January 25, 2010 

It's starting to look like an airplane!  I did a test fit of the spars about a week ago (just before the rain started) to get an idea of how things were going to fit.  Wow, what an eye opener for me.  I had a real hard time getting things to square from front to rear spar.  After a bunch of checking and rechecking, I found a few problems.

 First, the rear spars were too tight in the fuselage fittings.  The overall width at the fitting was oversize.  So, I had to remove the plywood and resurface the end of the spar.  Next, I had to remove the “U” fitting welded in the end of the attach fitting.  The fitting had to be cut and re-welded to match the width of the new spar thickness.  Last, the holes had to be re-drilled using the jigs I had made previously.   The reworking of the spar and re-welding of the attach fitting took about 6 hours.  Oh well, it’s all about learning.

Second thing I found out was that the wood I scarfed onto the rear spars ……. was not needed.  After rechecking my measurements and drawing a pattern for the wing tip bow, It was time to re-cut the length of the spars ….. again.

This is what I need to remove for final spar length.  Since I am using the wood bow wing tip instead of the fiberglass wing tip the plans didn't show the length I need or the end pattern.

Time to start assembling the wing……..

I started by fitting ribs 3 and 4 and the aileron well rib and tip rib.  The idea was to start getting all the measurements checked for square. 

I used trammel points to check the locations of the rib locations.  The locations were marked prior to fitting the attach fittings.  I transferred the lines from front to back using a square.  This turned out to be a bad way of setting the measurements.  I rechecked the measurements based on the center of the attach bolthole.  When I used this point, I was able to get the measurements correctly placed and everything square.  I think I am actually assembling my wing now.  The wood at the end of the spars is a temporary piece to check the overall width from attaches fitting to attach fitting.   I again used the trammel points to compare the width from the outside of the fittings to the attach brackets on the fuselage.  Back when I hung the spars I had problems with fitting width.  After re-working the spars and steel fittings everything seems to fit much better.  Now I can make the steel compression fittings and move right along with the assembly of the wings. 

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