July 26, 2010 

Two wings “finished”,  ready for flaps, ailerons, leading edge, and false spar.  This second wing only took me about four weeks to bring to this same level of completion.  Very excited to move forward from here.

Steps for this wing were the same as the first.  All false ribs were attached using T-88 and brad nailer.

Each rib and false rib had a corner gluing strip for stronger attachment.  False ribs used two strips; ribs used eight strips.

Corner strips glued at lift strut attach fitting.

Close up of the false rigs and ribs finish glued with the strips. 

Next, the two strips of Ash were steam bent and clamped till dry.  Then, glued and clamped again in the form till glue dried.

By using this method to make the tip bow,  no spring back happens when removed from the form.

Next, rout the edge and sand before attachment.

Attaching the tip bow was the same as the first wing.  Nice to do something a second time and have it go  so much faster .

I did the corner blocks, gussets, and braces the same as on the first wing.  I was able to do this in about half the time.  Finished corner bow below.

And here we have it, two wings basically finished and ready for flaps, ailerons, leading edge, fuel tanks, etc.  I still have a lot of work to do.

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