July 7, 2012 

Flaps and Ailerons ready for covering.  

I think this has been the longest between blog posts.  Reason: repetitive steps.  Since October I worked on and completed the second aileron and second flap.  I also took a few months off for family needs (about three months).  I’m back at it; did a little to finalize the flaps and ailerons.  I had a few missing braces on one flap and needed to add a third bolt to each of the hinges.  One of the time issues was making all new aileron hinges.  My first set were ok but I had some problems with the hinge pin interfiling with the bottom of the aileron so I made new hinges.  Although they took a lot of time it was worth it and everything fits much better now.  My next step will be fabricating the fuel  tanks.  I hope to work on that at the end of July into August.  


After I finished the second set of control surfaces I needed to go back and get all parts uniform.  I had changed the hinges to three bolts so I had to add a bolt to each of the hinges on the first set.  I also had to add some braces I missed on the first flap.

Third bolt was added to first flap and aileron to match second set reciently finished.


Missing braces added ……


Next, I installed the flap bellcrank hardware on the second wing and test fitted the flap.

With the control surfaces finished I now have some adjustments to make on the hinges and hangers.  After that I need to install the aileron false spar to close up that section of the wing and install pulley hardware.  The next major step will be fabricating the fuel tanks.  I plan on making my own tanks and gas welding the aluminum myself.  This will be a major challenge but compared to  $1500+ for tanks I would like to try them for my self.  I hope to be working on the tanks in August. 

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