June 14, 2007

Gear is on and it is starting to look like an airplane!  After a lot of head scratching and a bunch of email help, I completed the most difficult (for me) step so far.  The gear have no toe in, axles are on a straight line with each other with in 1/16. It should taxi pretty well.  Camber (angle or tilt at the top of the wheels toward or away from fuselage) will be determined by the length of the die spring shock strut yet to be made. 

I made a set of wood “shock struts” to determine the length of the struts.  I am going to use die springs from Wag Aero; I need to order them next week.



Front view of the fuselage and a close up of the finished front gear attach fitting with the cabane attach fitting welded on. 



Cabane attach fitting welded on. Next step: wing attach fittings.

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