November 10, 2005 

A couple of days ago I posted some pictures of the shop set up and my scale fuselage.  Here are some additional pictures of getting this process ready to go.  This should bring me up to date.

 First, selecting the wood for the wings at a mill in Washington State.  We were on a vacation in Washington State and we were lucky enough to find a mill in Forks that supplies Sitka Spruce to some of the big suppliers of aircraft grade spruce.  Great find and great price.

Next, loading the wood on the motor home for the long trip back home. 


 Now, time to unload the wood and store at home.

Properly stacked wood in my shop in Tehachapi.


Two days later, the fuselage kit arrives from Wag-Aero.  I had it shipped to a friends store in town to avoid higher shipping charges to my home.  I had to get the 125 lb. tube home, no small task.


Inventory of the fuselage materials kit.


Ready to build …………………………………

First step is lay out and bending the longerons.

First cross tubes set in place.


At this point it was the middle of August and I had to take a break to do some construction on my house.  As it turned out, I did not get back to it until about two weeks ago (end of September).  The next pictures show current work.  This is the front of the top section.  The tube connecting the two bent sides is the top of the firewall.  I am ready to tack weld all the tubes in this top section.


Corner joint bent and fitted toward the firewall.



Fitting and tack welding of first section of tubes.

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