November 15, 2013 

My new shop is finished and all set up.  The fuselage and wings both fit nice and I re did all the cabinets.  I have everything to continue with the 2+2 and should be able to spend a lot more time building now that I am retired.  I hope to finish and have first flight in 12-18 months.  


My new shop; ready to build. 

My first step will be to modify the wing tank bay area.  I will be eliminating the cross brace and building the tanks without the hollow tube running through.  I am patterning this off the certified Rearwin Skyranger’s wood wing.  It’s great to be back at building.

This is the current tank bay requiring modification.  

This is the tank bay for the Rearwin Skyranger that I will be patterning my mods after.  Im excited to be working again!

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