November 16, 2010 

I finished drilling the rear spar and mounted the flap and aileron hangers.  Determining the exact position was a little bit tricky working from three sets of plans but in the end I am happy with the locations.  They are a bit different from the 2+2 plans but take into account the addition of both the flaps and the wood wing tip bow.

After figuring out the locations, I decided to tackle the most difficult location first; the lift strut attach fitting.  The hanger needed to be centered on the fitting and after getting the location correct 

I set up my jig to drill through the metal fitting and the spar.  It worked out to be pretty easy.  

Another view with all the clamps in place.

And the hanger in place:

The others were much easier to clamp the jig and drill. 

Attachment of the flap hangers near the wing root.

And another view with all five installed.  I will need to remove and paint but that will be after the flaps and ailerons are built. 

Next step will be building the flan and aileron hinges themselves.  They will bolt onto the aileron and flap spars and be connected to the hangers with a pin.  I also need to finish the wood leading edge and the false cove cover before I can build the flaps and ailerons in place; lots to do before that can happen.

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