November 22, 2005 

I have made some significant progress over the past few days.  I completed all the tubes for the top section, including replacing one tube that I wasn’t satisfied with.  That tube will become other parts later, so no waste.  Yesterday I completed the vent drilling at each joint.  This accomplishes two things.  First, allows hot gas to move through the entire structure preventing a blow out hole when trying to complete a weld.  Second, these holes will allow preservatives to flow through the entire fuselage when completed.  Today, I tack welded the section.  The pictures might not look like much, but this is the first “milestone”, a sub assembly complete and hung from the ceiling awaiting use down the line.  Check out the pictures.

Every joint must have holed for venting weld gasses inside fuselage tubes.  Thia will also allow the use of a tub sealer latter to prevent internal rust.

Final check before tack welding

Everything checked and ready to tack weld.  Table is level so the levels show that the tubes are level with each other.

Tack welding in process


Tack welding complete


Front section tack welded

Removed from jig, front view

A look at the cockpit area for the first time.  The chairs are about the size of the cockpit seating.  Cozy!

Hung up under my canoe; ready for use latter.

Table painter and ready for next section to be laid out for tack welding.

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