February 16, 2008 

It’s mid February, the holidays are over, and I have a lot to show.  Stringer attach frames are done; door frames are complete, and I have all the 3/8 channel finished, less some final welding! (not shown) So, here we go with a lot of photos. 


I used my "short wings" to establish the necessary lines for the 3/8" channel.

Using poster board for channel shape. I made a few to the drawings but I did not like the fit.

Held in place for welding


Ready to weld to weld


All stations in place with stringer clips and stringers.


Side view of stringers



Door channel cut and fitted in place,  I made card board patterns to get the correct angles for a miter at all corners.  It was difficult, but got easier with each one.


Upper rear corner, left door


Center front, left door


After fitting, 3/8 channel was fitted, welded, and primed.


Door area al welded and complete


Here I removed part of the lower channel of the bird cage and put a piece into window corner.  Much better fit.


Correct location of channel

I decided to use standard piper D window for the looks.  Shown here clamped in place.



Fitting I made to align stringer with window

Close up of attachment piece


Window tack welded and ready for final placement.


Windows in place 



Next I flipped over the fuselage to work on the lower channel.  Here is fire wall patterns used to help form curve of the channel.

Another shot forming the “C” channel around completed pattern of lower curve.


A couple of pieces ready to be tacked in place.


Connecting to fire wall area.


Here I am getting ready to weld in the lower e channel.  I later removed and re fit this channel to get the skin to fit correctly.

This is the side curve where the boot cowl will latter fit.


Secondary curve attached.

Additional formers being fitted first with foam board.


Side “C” channel ladder created for the boot cowl.



Replacing the piece for better skin fit


Poster board to test fit how the skin will eventually fit.



Adding “C” channel to create the attachment for boot cowl.


Making the last curve to fit behind the gear attach points.


Rear curve channel in place with side stiffener

Lower channel for boot cowl attachment


All “C” channel welded in place up front for boot cowl.

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